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        Anna and I took a weekend trip to Barcelona. The trip was fun, and the art and archetecture was amazing. Gaudi and Picasso both lived in Barcelona and the city shows it. read/see more
  Christmas 2008
        Pictures from christmas time at home. read/see more
        I went to Grenoble again for a confrence. But I had a half day after the confrence was over in which to sitesee around the city. read/see more
  Waterfall hike
        It was a beautiful fall day so Anna, some friends from work and church, and I drove about an hour over the Jura mountains to where there was a very pretty place to hike. Lots and lots of waterfalls, fall leaves, and generally pretty things to take pictures of. It was a lot of fun for everyone (execpt my car which didn't care so much for the drive over the mountain). The biggest waterfall there is about 200 feet high. read/see more
  Lake, Anna, and Geneva
        Anna is here again (YAY) and for longer than a week. We spent an afternoon wandering around the lake taking pictures and enjoying the nice weather. read/see more
  Fall time in Gex
        First real snow in the mountains (there was a dusting a week earlier). So I had to go take pictures. I love the snow, fall leaves, and roses blooming all at once. The weather here is amazing. read/see more
        A really pretty sunset in Gex. Did I mention I love my new town. read/see more
  Trip to Dublin
        Some friends from church were headed to Dublin for a long weekend and invited me to join them. We walked all around the city, took lots of pictures (We all had cameras around are necks the whole time), and generally had a fun and relaxing time. read/see more
  Hike up Saleve
        I went hiking up the Saleve with a few of the other grad students here. A nice way to spend a saturday afternoon. Spring was just starting to hit and everything was beautiful. read/see more
  Christmas 2007
        I went home to Tucson this year for Christmas. The family went up to Prescott for Christmas day then we came back home. Did some hiking shortly after that. Then Matt and Lis came into town and we had another mini Christmas at home. Some more hiking around, and then I came back to Geneva. read/see more
        Matt and Lis were in Paris for two weeks so that Matt could attend some training for his job. The weekend in the middle I took a trip up to meet them and we ran all around the city. After work on Friday I jumped onto the TGV and took the trip up to Paris. read/see more
  Anna's Visit
        Anna came to visit me in Geneva for a week in September. We had lots of fun and went to Montroux and saw a castle there. Then we stopped in Nyon on the way back. Otherwise we went on a hike through the Jura and explored some old towns in the french countryside. And there was much good food as well. read/see more
  Week in Prague
        I attended a confrence in Prague for a week. The confrence was cool, but I'm guessing you're not intrested in detector electronics so I'll skip to the city. Every evening I got to go out and wander the city. Went to a Czech opera (in Italian with english subtitles), out to a jazz club, took picture, and generally had a nice week. read/see more
  Trip to Budapest
        Budapest was a fun city to visit. I went with some friends from church this last weekend. Darryl, who organized the trip to Milan, did this one too. Aside from him, there were three other people on the trip, Aaron, Troy, and Katie. We all met at the Geneva airport at 6pm Friday evening and got into Budapest a few hours later.... read/see more
  Congrats, Matthew!
        While I was home in Ohio, Matthew graduated from OSU. The family went down and played 'where's waldo' with thousands of people all dressed up in black. It was like that last page in the where's waldo books, where everyone is dressed exactly like waldo. Not wanting to keep the fun to myself I posted a bunch of pictures. Play 'Where's Matthew'. Hint, he has a beard and a shiny hat. read/see more
  Anna and the zoo
        I got to go hang out with Anna for a while while I was home. We went to the zoo and the weather was beatuful and it was lots of fun. Almost as much fun as the sprinkler fight at the park of roses (but my camera stayed dry in the car I'm afraid) read/see more
  The DMV....In France!
        After living in France for two thirds of a year, I finally broke down and bought a car. There's a nice board at cern for people buying and selling things and I found a car there that I liked well enough to buy. That was the easy part. And I took my first mini-car trip. read/see more
  Hiking in the Jura
        Thursday the weather was beautiful. I mean really really perfect. Fredrik and I went up to the Jura mountains directly from work for a quick (3 hour) hike up and back. It was a wonderful way to spend a spring afternoon. Despite being a little hazy, I got a few nice pictures. read/see more
  YAGs Winter Retreat
        This past winter the church Young Adults Group (YAGs) went on a retreat up in the mountains. It was a lot of fun and good to really get to know the other people in the group. I didn't personally go skiing due to bad weather, but when it cleared up I took a nice long walk through the area. Mountains + Friends = Happy Nathan. read/see more
  Geneva Car Show
        Geneva has one of the largest car shows in Europe every year. It lasts for about a month and they have almost every car manufacturer there with cars they sell as well as the concept cars. read/see more
        So I finally updated this. I know I know... it took forever. I'm way behind and have lots of things to post on here so I'll keep these shorter so I actually do it. A month or so ago I went to Milan for a weekend with some friends from church. It was a great weekend. Here's some of the pictures. read/see more
  London: visitors from and trips to
        Ben, a good friend of mine from college is doing research for his PhD in London for a few months. Since London is a lot closer than the US, we decided to visit each other. Two weekends ago he was down here visiting and last weekend I went up to London to visit him. Lots of fun all around. NOW WITH PICTURES!!! read/see more
        A few people have asked exactly what I'm doing at work here at CERN. I also tend to get the question of 'what exactly does CERN do?' a lot. I'll try to give some answers for those who are interested without, I hope, boring everyone in the process. read/see more
  A walk around home
        The weather was very nice yesterday so I took a walk around St-Genis with my camera. Here are some of the pictures from my walk. read/see more
  How to pay a bill in France
        I had an interesting experience here last week trying to pay my gas and electric bills. In France, you pay all bills modulo two times. Oh and I went hiking up in the mountains again, with pretty pictures of the alps of course. read/see more
  Jura and Grenoble
        This last weekend I had two trips. The first was on Sunday and was a trip up the Jura mountains. This makes the third time I've climbed this peak (it is the closest to my house after all). Church was canceled on Sunday since there was a church retreat somewhere in France, but I didn't go. The weather looked to be absolutely beautiful so on Saturday night I emailed a few of the other students at CERN to ask if anyone wanted to go... read/see more
  My Apt
        Here's what my apartment looks like.

On another note, I've added an RSS feed so you can use live bookmarks. Please let me know if that is useful and if I should be sure to keep them up to date. If no one uses them then I won't bother. read/see more

  Aiguilles Rouges
        As some of you have heard, a few weeks back I took a hike up one of the Alps with Fredrik, my colleague and office mate. The range in question is in the Chamonix region of France where some of the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen live. Dominating the landscape is the Mont Blanc. This is the highest peak in all of Europe (unless you count one way over in Eurasian Russia). Even from CERN, which is an hour drive away from Chamonix, Mont Blanc makes for quite a horizon. On clear days when you can really see it, you almost can't look away. In fact it is a selling point on many apartments “has great view of Mont Blanc”... read/see more
  Geneva, Saleve, and church
        I have finally managed to find a church here in Geneva. I say finally but it really wasn't that difficult once I got somewhat settled in and started looking. It is an evangelical baptist church (this is their website) that speaks english and has a good young adult group that is fairly active. Today was the second sunday I have gone to church here and I really do like it. The the church as a whole seems very friendly and intersted in more than just meeting on sundays. Hopefully I will find a small group soon too.... read/see more
  Old trip to the smokey mountains
        These few pictures are from an old trip to the smokey mountains that I took many years ago with a few friends from camp. It was a fun trip and some good backpacking. In adition it was all people who went to Philmont with me so there was a nice amount of chatting up over old memories. The view from the top was amazing, and you can see why they call them the smokey mountains. There was a lot of wildlife there as well. We got really close to some deer quite a few times. Oh and this really just is a test post to see how this works. Most likely this will be the last set of old pictures. Everything else should be from Europe. see more
        I have made this page so that I can share pictures of places I've been too. Also, since it seemes like quite a few people enjoyed the last mass email that I sent out, this will be a place I can post basic updates on my life here if you are intersted in such. Hopefully I will update this page every week or two, but it is more likely to get updated about once every month judging from how busy I am. I also set up a basic fourm so that you can leave comments as well. You do have to give the fourm program a username/password, but it should be relitivly painless I hope. You just have to click the 'register' link on the comment page and create your user name as password. Also feel free to just email me as before.


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